Tragic Incident Unfolds as Australian National Takes his Own Life in Bali

Tragic Incident Unfolds as Australian National Takes his Own Life in Bali

A distressing incident occurred at The Apurva Kempinski Bali, where an Australian national took his own life by jumping from the seventh floor of the hotel, approximately 7 meters above ground.

According to a report from, the victim was identified as Zoran Vidovic (53), an Australian man. The incident occurred on Sunday, January 28, 2024, around 21:01 Wita, but the public only became aware of it on Wednesday afternoon (January 31, 2024). The South Kuta Police Criminal Investigation Unit, led by Inspector Nur Habib, confirmed that the case is currently under investigation.

“The motive is still being investigated,” he stated on Thursday, February 1. The South Kuta Police have interviewed several staff members of the luxurious resort situated on the cliffs of Nusa Dua, overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean. The deceased WNA (foreign national) was a guest staying in Room 5086 of The Apurva Kempinski.

The victim attempted suicide by jumping, and prior to the tragic incident, efforts were made by Kempinski staff and the victim’s wife to console him. According to witnesses and the victim’s wife, it was evident that the man had been visibly restless from the beginning, as if burdened by something profound.

Unexpectedly, the victim jumped from a height of approximately 7 to 8 meters. “The foreigner’s wife tried to calm him down to prevent any unusual behavior. She even grabbed his shirt, but he slipped away. The WNA jumped from Baiyun Restaurant to the glass roof on the 15th floor,” explained Habib.

Witnessing her husband’s leap, the wife became hysterical, prompting hotel staff to rush to the spot where the WNA landed. The victim was then evacuated to BIMC Siloam Hospital using the hotel’s vehicle.

During the evacuation, the Australian man was in a weakened state and required immediate medical attention. Upon arrival at the hospital, he was pronounced dead. Police conducted a thorough examination of the crime scene and interviewed witnesses. Strong indications suggest that the individual was battling depression due to personal problems, leading him to take such a drastic step.

“The victim passed away en route to the hospital,” added Inspector Nur Habib, shedding light on the tragic conclusion of this unfortunate incident.

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