TripAdvisor: Bali Ranks Second Most Popular Destination

TripAdvisor: Bali Ranks Second Most Popular Destination

Bali, Indonesia. (Photo:

Travel site TripAdvisor has named Bali as the second most popular destination in the world for 2023 in the Travellers’ Choice Award.

Bali was chosen for the list because of its charming nature. Bali has beautiful beaches, challenging waves for surfers, and a diverse landscape and culture.  

The location, nicknamed the Island of the Gods, has successfully climbed from fourth place in 2022 to second place in 2023.

The award is an annual event held by TripAdvisor and is intended to select tourist destinations that consistently provide the best and most comprehensive experience for tourists.

The Travellers’ Choice Award for destinations ratings is based on the quality and quantity of reviews during the period November 2021 to October 2022. TripAdvisor has ranked Dubai as the world’s most popular destination for the second year in a row.

Apart from the global rankings, there are also subcategories for accommodation, restaurants, and other interesting things to do in these tourist spots. Here are the top 10 most popular destinations in the world for 2023 according to TripAdvisor:

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. London, England
  4. Rome, Italy
  5. Paris, France
  6. Cancun, Mexico
  7. Crete, Greece
  8. Marrakech, Morocco
  9. Dominican Republic
  10. Istanbul, Turkey


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