Turkish National Survives Bali Shooting

Turkish National Survives Bali Shooting

A 30-year-old Turkish citizen identified as TM was shot by an unidentified attacker at a villa in Banjar Pempatan, Tumbak Bayuh, Mengwi District, Badung in Bali in the early hours of Tuesday.

TM suffered five gunshot wounds scattered across the arm, armpit, and abdomen. The injured individual was transported to Trijata Bhayangkara Hospital. The victim’s condition was reported as stable but still under medical care as of Tuesday afternoon.

The shooters are believed to be three foreign nationals. Three men arrived at the villa where the victim was staying, with one seen in CCTV footage carrying a pistol. The Bali Regional Police is currently in pursuit of the three suspects.

Badung Police Chief Teguh Priyo Wasono said that TM was accompanied by three Turkish friends during the incident, and the motive behind the shooting is still under investigation.

“Until now, it remains unclear whether the incident involved an exchange of gunfire. The current information suggests that the victim was attacked with firearm shots, as the assailants approached and opened fire,” Teguh said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Further details revealed that the victim sustained five gunshot wounds, with the first on the outer left arm. The bullet passed through the inner part of the arm, entering the lower left armpit. Two other gunshot wounds are located on the left side of the abdomen, with the bullets penetrating the front part of the stomach.

The victim arrived in Bali in December 2023, and whether the victim had any issues is still being thoroughly investigated.

Bali Regional Police spokesperson Jansen Avitus Panjaitan said that the police have secured two bullet casings. Additionally, three intact live bullets were confiscated. Both the active bullets and casings found were of 7.62-millimeter size, indicating a small pistol.

“This aligns with the CCTV footage showing someone firing a small-caliber pistol. The five gunshot wounds on the victim are suspected to be from two bullets. Fortunately, none hit vital organs, ensuring the victim’s survival,” he said.

Source: jakartaglobe.id

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