Unauthorized Limestone Cliff Excavation Draws Concern in Pecatu

Unauthorized Limestone Cliff Excavation Draws Concern in Pecatu

MANGUPURA – Limestone cliff excavation activities have resumed in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, specifically in the limestone cliffs of Pemutih Beach. This activity has drawn the attention of both the local community and authorities. Disturbingly, these activities were carried out without the knowledge of the Pecatu Traditional Village authorities.

The cliff-cutting was first noticed by villagers during the Pakelem ceremony, part of the Pujawali series in Pecatu. Villagers traveling by boat saw the excavation clearly from the sea.

Made Sumerta, the head of Pecatu Traditional Village, expressed his disappointment over the cliff-cutting. He explained that the cliff, located north of Anantara Resort Pecatu, is being excavated massively. Sumerta believes that if this continues, it will not only damage the environment but also endanger the safety of fishermen and disrupt ferry activities in the area.

“We reported this to the Satpol PP on March 6, 2024,” stated Sumerta, who is also a member of the Badung Regional House of Representatives, on Thursday night, as quoted by Nusabali.com.

Sumerta explained that the cliff-cutting activities have gone viral and caused significant disruption for those crossing the beach. According to him, falling debris from the cliffs poses a serious hazard, especially for fishermen. “We have forwarded this report to the Satpol PP, the Sub-District Head, and the Public Works and Housing Office. The situation has worsened, with many cliffs collapsing into the sea, leading to numerous complaints from the community as it obstructs access to Labuan Sait Beach,” he said.

Sumerta hopes that authorities will promptly investigate the permits for this activity and halt the cliff-cutting, which is further damaging the natural beauty and serenity of the area. He emphasized the importance of legal enforcement regarding the cliff excavation at Pemutih Beach.

Separately, Head of the Badung Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara confirmed that he had inspected the site directly on Friday afternoon, accompanied by the Bali Provincial Satpol PP team.

From the on-site inspection, Suryanegara reported that the excavated area covers 11,100 square meters, although not all of the cliff has been excavated. According to the landowner, the plan is to construct a hotel on the site. The owner also claimed to have the necessary permits for the project. “But we are still verifying the validity of these permits,” he said.

Pending verification of the construction permits, the authorities have decided to temporarily halt the excavation activities. The landowner has also been summoned for clarification regarding the permits and the cliff-cutting activities.

“We cannot yet determine whether this is illegal or not, as we are still awaiting confirmation. So, for now, we have suspended the activities,” said Suryanegara.

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