US to Provide $19 Million in Aid for Indonesian Judiciary

US to Provide $19 Million in Aid for Indonesian Judiciary


The US government will set aside US$19 million in aid for Indonesia judiciary to improve its public services.

The fund will be allocated in four years to support development of Indonesian court and prosecution services, director of Misi USAID in Indonesia Andrew Sisson.

The development of the legal systems is part of efforts to strengthen democracy and improve mutual understanding between the two countries, Sisson said here after launching Case Tracing Information System (SIPP)

It is a form of assistance from the US government for the Indonesian government efforts to improve transparency and accountability at its Supreme Court and Attorney General office, he added.

Chairman of the Supreme Court Hatta Ali said the aid from the donor country has never been in cash. “The assistance is in the form of sets of equipment and training of human resources,” Hatta said.

He said the Supreme Court will let USAID to decide which of the judiciary offices would need the assistance.

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