Violence on Children Cases Increase

Violence on Children Cases Increase


The Center of Integrated Service of Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) in Denpasar recorded case of violence on children increase and until June 2013 there are 15 cases.

“The cases are variousx from sexual abuse, discrimination, to harassment, said the daily chair of P2TP2A Denpasar Luh Putu Anggraeni.

Meanwhile during 2012, violence cases toward children in Denpasar record is 13 cases dominated by sexual abuse, harassment to bring up right.

According to her violence case toward children at present is concerned quite a lot that isn’t reported yet to police as it’s considered as a sin

Moreover, related to cases of sexual abuse that dominate recently, it occurs not only in big city but also found in villages all over Indonesia.

“Sexual abuse now not only in Bali but also almost in all regions in Indonesia, she said.

She explained that one of causes of sexual abuse is the open globalization era followed by development of information technology, which happens rapidly.

“The cause is information technology, moreover now the globalization era is more free, so family has important role in filtering,” she said.

She expected that parent and family monitor the children development as education at school is not enough to provide understanding to children.

Furthermore, Anggraeni said that now there is phenomena that are worried about in which children not become the victims but perpetrator of sexual abuse.

“Now a lot of the perpetrators are children besides being the victim,” said the activist of women and children motivator.

In handling the violence case she often runs “direct visit” to accompany the victims especially children suffered from violence, including housing violence.

Besides she also cooperates with legal assistance agency and police in order to give advocacy to the victim.

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