Wife of Missing UK Jetskier Clings to Hope

Wife of Missing UK Jetskier Clings to Hope

LEGIAN ~ A British man who disappeared while jetskiing during the Asian Beach Games in Bali last month may be alive and on an outlying island, his wife believes.

Jacqui Hoyland appealed to Prime Minister Gordon Brown this week to ramp up efforts to help locate her husband, Jeremy, 41.

“… we still believe that Jeremy is alive because we have no reason at all to believe otherwise,” she was quoted as saying by Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.

“We will not stop until Jeremy is found, one way or another,” she said.

Mrs. Hoyland traveled to Bali when she was told her husband had gone missing, and has since returned to her home in South Yorkshire, ostensibly to pressure Downing Street to help, the Telegraph reported.

It said Mr. Hoyland’s brother, Nicholas, remained in Bali.

The disappeared man was officiating at the beach games and had a long association with jetskiing. With four others, he traveled by jetski to Nusa Lembongan on October 24 and has not been seen since.

Search missions have failed to locate either him or the jetski.

While out on the water, Mr. Hoyland made calls from his cellphone to say his jetski had encountered difficulties and his wife said she had asked cellphone-service provider Vodafone to supply any location data about the call, but the company said triangulation was hard to ascertain due to third-party provider involvement.

Mrs. Hoyland – who is reportedly being supported by Virgin billionaire Richard Branson – criticized the UK government for failing to offer assistance in the case, and at once stage telling her that her husband was dead and his body found, but later retracting it.

“I am just really critical of the British government because absolutely nobody has stepped forward to help us at all with anything,” she said.

“Until some wreckage is found to make us think [he perished at sea], then we will still continue to look for him.”

Games officials contacted by The Bali Times said they had no confirmation of the whereabouts or status of Mr. Hoyland.

A weblog has been established to raise funds to continue the search, at http://jeremyhoylandrescue.myblogsite.com

“So far six helicopters, two navy vessels, other official boats and numerous private people have been searching for him,” an entry reads.

Another says: “Numerous people have survived on the islands around Bali for weeks at a time. There are so many islands that Jeremy could be on, waiting patiently to be rescued.”

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