Will Bali Have a New Airport?

Will Bali Have a New Airport?

Some parties representing Balinese exclaimed desire to have a new airport in the area with aim to improve its economics matters.

After Bali Province government exposed issue to construct a new airport in North Bali or exactly in Buleleng regency, some days ago some people in Karangasem argued to have the new airport in East Bali.

Karangasem people wish that the new airport to be constructed at Tianyar, so it could bring positive effect to economic growth and poverty reduction. If the airport construction can’t take place in Karangasem as Buleleng people also want it, at least the location should be in Tejakula, an area that is at the borders of Karangasem and it is close to Klungkung and Bangli as well.

Will all people desire come true or it just an issue exposed by the Governor Election this year?

Until now, there is no official announcement from the government about the location of new airport construction in Buleleng. All matters are prediction and ongoing technical analysis.

Moreover, some foreign investors had cancelled their investment for the new airport without any clear reason.

We need time to construct the strategic infrastructure, which certainly need a huge amount of money with proper planning.

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