You’ll Have to Go, Hotel-to-Be Tells Beach Foodstalls

You’ll Have to Go, Hotel-to-Be Tells Beach Foodstalls


Putu Sariani has been working at her food stall on Sanur Beach for the past two years, but fears she may soon be out of work as the prospect of a new hotel behind her location looms.

The hotel’s management has told dozens of stallholders along the stretch of sand they must move on, but as yet there is no sign of building work at the spacious field fronting the beach.

“They say their guests will want to see the beach and the ocean, not a row of foodstalls,” Putu told The Bali Times at the weekend.

The 39-year-old mother of two pays the local banjar rent of Rp25,000 (US$2.80) a month and clears about Rp1 million in profit monthly ($111) from sales of around Rp3 million ($335).

She said her fellow food stallholders were angry at having to relocate – and that there’s nowhere for them to go anyway.

“I don’t know where we would go, and I hope we don’t have to move,” said Putu, who is from Klungkung and lives in Tabanan but stays at a Sanur boarding house during the week.

Another new hotel, The Regent, is being built adjacent to the proposed property.

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  1. Maria says:

    The local bajar will of course be sufficiently compensated by the owners of the hotel, for ‘the loss’ of rent from these food stalls.
    The hard working stallholders will probably have to find a new way or place by themselves, to try and provide for their family…

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