YouTube Police ‘Stars’ Jailed

YouTube Police ‘Stars’ Jailed


Two traffic policemen notorious for their misconduct who appeared on YouTube and became a viral sensation, have been sent to jail as part of the harsh sanctions against their wrongdoings.

Sr. Comr. Hariadi, spokesperson for Bali Police, said that the decision was made during an internal trial.

The policemen, identified as Second Insp. Komang Sarjana and Brig. Putu Indra Jaya, were proven guilty of violating the professional code of ethics and discipline as stipulated in Government Decree No. 2/2003.

The punishment for the two policemen is similar. Sarjana will be held at the Police Detention Center for 21 days, while Indra will spend 14 days in the same jail.

Hariadi also said the two policemen had been suspended from their previous duties and had lost their police rank.

For a period of one year, they are also forbidden from receiving any further education or training provided to policemen seeking promotion.

“After completing their punishment, both will have to go through a series of tests and training programs,” Hariadi said.

Both policemen were on duty at a traffic post at LIO Square intersection in Petitenget in North Kuta when the embarrassing incident occurred.

The incident involved Dutch journalist Kees van der Spek, who was found violating the traffic law by failing to wear a safety helmet while riding a motorcycle rather than arresting the violator and bringing the case to court, one of the policemen asked for money. Van der Spek taped the incident, which went viral when uploaded to YouTube on April 1, proving deeply embarrassing to the Indonesian Police.


  1. Kadek says:

    I was watching this vedio , And I couldn’t beliave what I show . As a balinise I am truly embarrassed .

  2. James says:

    Why did they only get 14 days in jail while the foreigner could get up to 5 years in jail ?

  3. TMT says:

    14 days? And then allowed back to work? What a ridiculous punishment. The tourist was fined’ more for not wearing a helmet than they were for corruption.

  4. steve says:

    I think the Dutch journalist Kees van der Spek was an arsehole. Everyone knows the Bali police do what they do to make ends meet. The policeman was great, he has a great sense of humour and made $10 Au from it…. SO WHAT, in Australia, that’s two cups of coffee. I feel so sorry for the police that was secretly filmed. I think the Dutch journalist Kees van der Spek will have to watch himself if he ever goes back to Bali as he will be off to court for any law breaking. He should be fined for bribing the police.