Yudhoyono-Jokowi Meeting Marks New Chapter in National Political History in Indonesia

Yudhoyono-Jokowi Meeting Marks New Chapter in National Political History in Indonesia


The meeting between outgoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and president-elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Wednesday night in Bali Province was a new chapter in the history of the national political that encouraged good leadership transition and mutual respect.

“Jokowi and I have the same thing in mind. We agree to continue consultation and to create a new tradition in order to make the transition of government as good as possible,” President Yudhoyono stated in a joint press conference with Jokowi on Wednesday evening.

Yudhoyono noted that his first two-hour-long meeting with Jokowi on Wednesday was the start of the consultation process in the transition of leadership and government.

“We have agreed that what we discussed this evening will be further technically deliberated by Jokowi’s transitional team and the ranks of the current administration,” the president remarked.

He stated that during the meeting, they discussed constructive matters related to the agenda of the state and government, government programs and policies, including the Draft of State Budget 2014 (RAPBN-2015) and the Revised State Budget 2014.

“By having opened the doors of consultation in the transition of leadership and the government later, the consultation team of Pak Jokowi is now able to officially consult with the ranks of the current government that I will assign later,” the president noted, referring to more detailed discussions.

Meanwhile, Jokowi assessed that the consultation meeting with Yudhoyono was a new tradition because it fulfills his objective to ensure continuity between the current and the next government.

“This is a new tradition that we are going to build between President Yudhoyono’s government and the new government later,” Jokowi emphasized.

He admitted that during the meeting he also heard several views and opinions of President Yudhoyono, but the technical matters will be discussed later.

“The technical matters will be discussed later by the transitional team and the related ministries,” the president-elect noted.

Meanwhile Presidential special staff for political communication Daniel Sparingga said the meeting has been expected by president-elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) after election dispute hearing at the Constitutional Court and the important thing, SBY builds a new tradition that every outgoing president should communicate general things in the government..

He said President Yudhoyono initiated the meeting and welcomed by Joko Widodo.

Daniel remarked that the transition process basically involved a number of components but initially began between the leaders.

“President Yudhoyono has a long record because he writes a daily journal about the government. The president can convey some important achievements as well as unfinished homework generally,” he emphasized.

Some unfinished homework, according to Daniel, about poverty eradication and economic growth, should be carried out at the same time so that the gap did not widen.

The Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met Jokowi in Bali, on Wednesday (August 27), to hear his presidential plans.

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