BPPI Propose Rate of Tourism Objects To be Unified

BPPI Propose Rate of Tourism Objects To be Unified


Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board (BPPI) proposed the rate of tourism objects in Bali to be unified to cover entrance fees and other levies.

“Not a few of tourist attractions in Bali that is still battered or in other words too many fees to be paid by tourists. The condition like this have got many complaints from tourists,” said I Nyoman Kandia, a BPPI member in Denpasar.

He said that when tourists are visiting a tourism object in Bali, they have to pay for parking, entrance, toilets and service utilization.

“Travelers have to pay when using the toilet, but it isn’t matched with toilet facilities that are clean and comfortable and the service friendly. Unlike the case when we visited Prambanan in Central Java, the entrance ticket already includes a variety of charges,” he said.

He said that he had often asked the Regent/ Mayor in Bali to make arrangements so that there is only one entrance fee, but it is never addressed.

“If the tourism object has not been worth visited because they do not have the facilities and also should not be forced to open, let alone attract various fees. If this condition is left for long time, travelers would be hesitated to visit attractions in our region,” he said.

In fact, according to him, the domestic tourist arrivalsreach six million people and foreign tourists about three million people per year potentially coming to Bali to visit the various attractions.

On the other hand, he said that during high season, we don’t necessary doingtourism promotion to attract tourists.

“The most difficult is during low season from January to April, we usually will help entrepreneurs to have tourismhighlights discounts,” said Kandia.


  1. kate says:

    And probably need standard pricing for foreign and locals. I found it very RACIST if foreigners must pay more. This thing don’t happen in Thailand and Philipine. Foreigners became less and less interested with Bali because they think Bali is too expensively commercial.

  2. Eddie McCulloch says:

    I live in Bali and when friends come to visit the island and we take them around to show of it’s beauty I am ashamed of the state of the toilets and washrooms in these tourist areas. The extra fees that you get charged as you proceed into the area are nothing but extortion, but as there are no (or little) authorised tour guides, we have no choice but to pay, especially as the travel time could be up to three hours from home.