Complaints on Health Service Increase

Complaints on Health Service Increase


Complaints on health service in Indonesia continuously increase along with increasing intelligence of people getting the public service, said the Head of Honorary Council of Indonesian Doctor (MKDI) Prof Ali Baziad.

“All complaints are about the service or doctors’ mistakes. But because of mistakes on delivering information so that people could not get its purpose and intention,” he said after coordination meeting and socialization of Indonesian Doctor Council (KKI) regulation for Eastern Indonesia in Kuta.

He explained that in 2006-2012 there are 126 complaints on health service and all could be solved by law in MKDI.

The follow up of the complaints is forty five percent health services got warning based on the violation as what MKDI have decided and the rest of the complaints don’t have a clear evidence.

Whereas, in January-June 2013 there are 36 complaints from the community and now he has followed it up.

Before KKI had a meeting to discuss legal fairness for any provider of medical practices.

“In the meeting we discusses various types of problems occurred in the field so that in the future doctors don’t afraid to have any practice in facing complaints existed among the community itself,” said the Head of KKI Prof Menaldi Rasmin.

He explained that there are many problems occur in relation to the doctors’ performance in the public eyes. On the other hand, the doctors have done their duty based on the medical system.

He admitted that some doctors did do a mistake such as how they deliver unclear information to people so that they couldn’t get the exact intention and purpose, but it isn’t only the health service provider doing the mistake.

Thus, he will keep trying to support the doctors to intensify the communication system with public.

Besides, he also expected that there is government involvement to give socialization in terms of doctors’ performance and roles in the community so that the mistake is not only on doctors or health service providers.

“So, it is not only doctors who have the job to heal any disease but there should be efforts from the government and people itself to prevent any diseases spread on humans’ body,” said Rosmin.

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