Online Registration for Stroke Patiens Applied Nationwide

Online Registration for Stroke Patiens Applied Nationwide

The Indonesian Neurologists Asso-ciation (Perdossi) aimed to set an online registration for stroke patients in all hospitals across the country next year to collect real data and number of the brain function loss patients.

“The online registration of stroke patients, we name it stroke registry, had been tested in eight hospitals in Indonesia this year,” Head of Perdossi Dodik Tugasworo said here.

The hospital applying the system among others RSUP dr. Kariadi, Semarang; dr.Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta (RSCM); RSUP dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta and dr. Sutomo Hospital of Surabaya.

The stroke registry is a joint program initiated by Perdossi and the Health Ministry to gather the real number of stroke patients in Indonesia as the measurement was conducted by taking samples of the patients so far.

Therefore, the recent collected data of the stroke patients was only the tip of the iceberg, Tugasworowho is also a Head of Neurology Medical Fuctional Staff (SMF) of RSUP dr.Kariadi said.

The stroke registry would allow the data collection of stroke patients from all hospitals as the public health centers would be online nationwide, he said.

However, the system would only capable to collect data of the stroke patients who register themselves in the hospitals, while there might be more of them who could not afford to take treatments in hospitals.

After one year implementation of stroke registry in eight hospitals, an evaluation and assesment would be taken by the authorities.

“We would take assesment for the system at the end of the year, so we would know its shortfall. After that, we would fix and prepare it for the implementation in 2013,” Tugasworo said.

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