Rejoice in the Richness of Your Life

Rejoice in the Richness of Your Life

By Jelila
The Bali Times

SINGAPORE ~ At a recent Wealth Workshop I gave in Bali, I did a role-play in which each participant was asked to give me a gift. The first time I receive it nonchalantly, rudely, and cast it aside. The second time I display gratitude, enthusiasm and warmly thank them.

I asked the participants how they felt. “Amazed,” said Jane. “I just didn’t want to give you anything ever again, after the first time. The second time, I wanted to give to you forever!”

Meditation – Gratitude

Relax, breathe and find yourself lying squashed in the bottom of a dugout canoe, hugged in the arms of a friend. You are in a fairground log-flume ride after the show is closed, looking up at the stars through a gap in the roof. As you watch a crystal clear water drip elongating towards you through the gap, glittering with starlight, your friend says: “What do you remember most?” And you let him know. He asks: “What are you most grateful for?” And you let him know. A golden apple on a golden branch of a tree above is becoming heavier and heavier, and lowers towards your lap and you catch it. Hold it and feel its weight and substance. Now tell a few more things you are grateful for. Take a bite of the apple, and continue telling with all the time you need, as you munch. When ready, gently come back to the room.

Now write a list of all you are grateful for. You may be surprised how long it is.

Often in life we rush forwards, from one experience to another, without pausing to appreciate them. One reason is we have some inner programming that causes us to never be satisfied. Here are some of the beliefs that cause this:

I must not be satisfied.

I must not be fulfilled.

I must not be able to create what I want.

(Also: I’m afraid I must not be satisfied. The fears will cause you to reject what others want to give, or to doubt yourself.)

Clear these beliefs using the process below.

Exercise – Thank You Letters

Using discoveries from the Gratitude Meditation, write a thank you letter. It could be to someone you know, or to yourself. You may find that as you appreciate others for what they give you, you are more able to forgive them (and yourself) for anything you feel lacking.

Now write a thank you letter in the present tense, saying thank you for your future goals, as if they are already achieved: “Thank you for the successful launch of my bestselling book.” “Thank you for my relationship happiness.” “Thank you for my wonderful new income.”

This technique is powerful because it brings spirit (the idea) into matter (written form). It’s is a form of shamanism – a physical action with the intention of creating a desired result. Allow yourself to ask for more and more – our greatest fault is that we don’t ask for enough so that it can be given. Enjoy the results.

It’s also powerful to address your gratitude in a thank you letter to an angel – it can be someone else’s guardian angel if you need help with a relationship. You can also have a dialogue with the angel, imagining their reply and writing the first thing that comes into your head. You’ll be surprised at the wisdom and insight that this gives you access to.

Meditation – Celebrate Your Riches

Relax, breathe and find yourself in a boat, rocking and rowing gently towards an island, through swirling white mist. As you reach the shore, a beautiful lady in a white dress and veil greets you. You see her gold shoes crunching wet gravel between large boulders on the beach, and your own sandaled feet following. It’s breezy on the beach and her veil billows before you in the wind and sun. Walking for some time with a donkey, you reach a tower and she invites you to climb the stone steps outside until you reach a high, round room, where a telescope is aimed at the horizon. You sit on a tapestried bed and bring out your photo album and mementoes, and spend all the time you need telling the lady all about your achievements, luck and good fortune. She smiles, and makes suggestions. After some time, she presents you with a special gift, explaining in detail what it is for. When ready, gently return to the room bringing what you have learned. Make notes if you wish, in the form “I am grateful that…” and continue until you cannot think of any more.

Postscript: Jane was struck to discover that giving appreciation is crucial in loving relationships. Appreciation and gratitude are essential gifts from the feminine, to ensure that the masculine wishes to continue giving. Otherwise, the whole thing can just dry up.

This made a big impression on Jane, as it dawned on her how giving more appreciation to her mate would make a big difference to their romance, and she resolved to give it a try.

(Names & details mentioned have been changed to protect identities.)

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Jelila is an international transformational coach and healer who practices in Asia and Australia. She is Bali from December 1, offering individual coaching and workshops. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, please write to Jelila at Bali Tel: +62 (0) 361 766259; Singapore: +65 6225 4381.

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