Upgrade your Beauty and Health with Indivara Aesthetic

Upgrade your Beauty and Health with Indivara Aesthetic


There are many aesthetic clinics currently in Bali that offer treatment to upgrade one’s beauty. One of the best on the Island is Indivara Clinic.

Established since 2012 by dr. Kadek Trisnadewi,  M.Biomed (AAM), Indivara Clinic offers the best treatments and products for anti aging.

Generally, Indivara Astethic Clinic is a place to upgrade and maintenance your beauty look. With professional medical team inside.  Indivara Aesthetic offers many kind of skin treatments and cosmetic products to maintain skin health. Beside also provides high quality product for any skin types. The clinic’s medical advisor will give consultation before proceed to the next treatment and will help to choose the best treatment to maintain and treat the patient’s skin.

With 11 treatments beds and two consultation rooms, Indivara Aesthetic offers several top treatments such as Facial, Chemical Peeling, Oxypeel, Microdermabrasi, Mesotherapy, Laser CO2+ Fractional, PRP, Dermaroller, Silhouette Soft Threadlift, Botox, Filler, Vitamin C Injection, Acne Injection, Kelloid Injection, Radio Frequency and PDT.

There are several kinds of facial treatments such as Natural Facial, a facial technique using natural substance which appropriate with type and skin problems. This facial is suitable for adolescent skin.

There is also Mecano and Electrotherapy Facial, a facial process with mecano & electrotherapy equipment to get maximum effects.

Another great treatment is its Chemical Peeling, here Skin is rejuvenated using natural formula which effective to remove the dead skin cells, rejuvenating skin cells, and stimulate collagen forming, so that the skin will be brighter, cleaner, elastic and glowing.

While Oxypeel Therapy, is a skin rejuvenation technique using high pressure oxygen and special liquid which gives therapy effect and nourish the skin. High speed oxygen and the liquid come throughthe skin layer which giving immediate effect in to skin tissue. Cells become healthy and skin looks cleaner and brighter. This therapy is a choice for dullness, sensitive skin, aging, light pigmentation, and width pores.

In terms of Injection treatments, Indivara Aesthetic Clinic offers some treatments such as Acne Injection, an injection of active substance to treat inflamed acne in a short time.

There’s also Anti Oxidant Injection, an injection of anti-oxidants substance to increased immunity, detoxification, skin brightening, to improve skin moisture and skin elasticity.

There are many more the best treatments that could be found in Indivara Aesthetic Clinic, such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), a medical treatment using platelet rich plasma to stimulate the new skin cells regeneration. The advantage of this therapy is using platelet rich plasma from the patient’s own blood, so that the patient will be spared from allergic reaction. Regeneration occurs because inside the platelet rich plasma there is 7 fundamental Growth Factor which will trigger the cells regeneration. Mesotherapy, a technique inserting homeopathy substances to the mesoderm tissue. There are 3 kinds of Mesotherapy, firstly Mesotherapy (using mesogun), Mesomanual (using hand manually), and Mesogalvanic (using electrotherapy device). Mesotherapy and Mesogalvanic are to treat spots and aging skin. Mesomanual method is to treat accumulation of fat on certain body parts.

There are also Silhouette Soft Threadlift, a threadlift technique under the skin to create firming effect on face. CO2 Laser, laser ablative therapy to treat Nevus, seborhoic keratosis, closed comedo, wart, skin tag, syringoma, xanthelasma, etc. And Radio Frequency Treatment, a technique of using radio frequency for face and body tightening.

So, for you who wants to keep health and beauty, Indivara Aesthetic Clinic could give you the best solution. The Clinic is located at JL. Tukad Barito 29 Panjer, Denpasar, or for more information you can visit its website at www.indivaraclinic.com.

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