January 22-28, 2010

January 22-28, 2010

From our website feedback page at www.thebalitimes.com this week: Our report on brawls and crime at the Bounty Discotheque in Kuta (Page 1 last week) drew reader reaction, as did the continuing saga of the future of the Sari Club bombsite. Here’s a selection of comments:

On the Bounty nightclub complex

I DOUBT it makes sense to shut down the Bounty nightclub complex since this will simply transfer the scraps into other bars around the area. It is a pity that so many of the Aussie tourists really get loaded and lose their respect and dignity, as well as their manners and behaviour, especially in the Bounty.
The fact is the local security people employed there cannot differentiate between security and brutality – so one leads to the other.
But it can be easy to solve this. Tourists should show more respect, even when drunk. And the Bounty should get serious security people, not just anabolic steroid-blown-up anjing gila (mad dogs).

Mr Perlu

AS a lover of Indonesia, it saddens me that this is occurring. However, it’s not new. The Bounty club is and always has been trouble. Most locals don’t got there, only those looking for trouble – and yet a popular Australian TV show, Getaway, promotes it as a fun Aussie place to be.
Shut it down – as it should have been years ago! But then again, savvy travelers wouldn’t set foot in there. They know what it’s about!


On the Sari site’s future and the high priest’s warning of disaster if it does not become a place for quiet reflection

CLEARLY there is no end to this sorry saga. How can the Australian promoters of the peace park concept raise funds when they don’t have a contract on the land and there is no communication between all the parties involved?
Clearly the one person, Mr Dallas Finn, who could move this project was ejected a number of months ago. Nick Way and the Bali Peace Park Association seem to be wasting their time. What a load of tripe!

Robyn Lyons

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  1. Dylan says:

    In my honest opinion as an Australian living in Bali what is the big deal with building a nightspot at the former bombing site? There is already a memorial setup across the road. It’s not Australia land and the Indonesian people shouldnt be burdened with having to justify their business decisions. Let it go.