Mar. 27-Apr. 2, 2009

Mar. 27-Apr. 2, 2009

Dear Sir

With regard to the letter from Svend Laursen strongly criticizing the postal services, we take this opportunity of congratulating the postal services in our part of Bali for their excellent service.

We live in what is sometimes called the Wild West of Bali, and whilst services such as electricity supply and telecommunications are sometimes irregular, the old-fashioned “snail Mail” works well.

We usually get letters, packets and parcels delivered at our gate 10 days after posting in Europe or Australia, and the postal officer making the deliveries has about a 14-kilometer ride to our place. We think that level of service is commendable.

Maybe the difference in delivery from that experienced by Mr. Larsen is that we have encouraged our correspondents to use the Postcode?


James Dell-Robb

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  1. Svend Aage Laursen says:

    Dear Sir.
    With regard to the letter from to Mister James Dell-Robb. I am sorry that I am not able to regret my criticism the postal services at Bali.
    Mister James Dell-Robb say that they live in sometimes called the Wild West of Bali and whilst services such as electricity supply and telecommunication are sometimes irregular. I do not understand what he mean, this has nothing to do about our debate about the postal services.

    Bali got such a beautiful island, a very nice culture, I have, in some of my books, mentioned, that no where in the whole world we find others so polite or friendly as the Balinese people. But the postal services are shamful. And it will never be better as long as Mister James Dell-Robb trye to defend the many mistakes in sted of trying to improve.
    Last week of November 2008 I send Christmas card to friends at Bali. I wanted to be shore it would be there at time. even that I my self should visit Bali the first week of December and stay there for 2 weeks. When I was there the letters never came there, and after comming home it was still not there. My friends had it after a week at January.
    Yesterday the 30. of March I had an sms from a friend at Kadira-Tabanan, He than receivedmy letter from the 9. of March. It is a little better after 21 days.
    When I go to Indonesia I will arrive after 18 hour. Why on earth you usually get letters delivered at your gate after 10 days. Letters from Denmark to Australia is delivered after 3 days anywhere in this country. Jetters from Denmark to India will be delivered after 5 – 6 days.
    Even that I failed never knew that you got Postcode. My friends who gave me there adress, never told me an Postcode, this will be changed. Every month I post about 10 letters to friends at Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Kedira-Tabanan and Kuta.

    We have not been talking about the letters, which is never found again.

    Please apologize if you find problems with my language. I had an Blood Clot at my brain. Trye to do my best.

    Svend Aage Laursen
    3600 Frederikssund