March 20-26, 2009

March 20-26, 2009

Dear Sir

We can’t be negative or criticize if we are not able also to be positive or praise sometimes. The last number of The Bali Times I was negative, but this time I want to give a big bunch of flowers to all the staff of Kuta Beach Club Hotel. They really deserve it.

On January 15, 2007, I was visiting some friends in Gianyar when I had two heart attacks. A good friend brought me back to life.

Half a year later, I had to have an operation for a new hip, and because of my heart I was going to die. The hospital called my family to come and say good bye.

Every day for two weeks my family was at the hospital to say goodbye. Than I came back to life, and so many friends in Bali were in contact via sms to say they were praying for me.

After only a half year I had a blood pressure in my brain and the first month I did not know the name of my wife (after 53 years of marriage) or our children. I could not speak well either.

But all my friends in Bali sent me text messages many times every week.

I was told by the hospital that I would never, ever be able to travel again. The same day I bought a ticket to Bali. My wife said, “Bali is the only place I dare to let him go.”

A friend at Singapore Airlines said that Bali is a healing place between friends. I have stayed at Kuta Beach Club Hotel five times, and I need and owe so much to this hotel.

I could not remember what I was talking about, what I said or wanted. I was not able to walk. I needed help with everything. Every day Kuta Beach Club helped me, from morning to night, and friends visited me. The wonderful staff helped me with everything.

That was the best vacation I have ever had, in my life. I believe it’s not Bali but the Balinese people that are healing. I still have some problems with my words and I can’t walk very well, but this month I finished my 13th book, Sumatra – Stammefolkenes Ø (Sumatra – Island of Tribes).

Friends and Kuta Beach Club helped me to believe that life still has value. I shall visit Bali again, of course staying at Kuta Beach Club.

Yes, Indonesia, and to good friends, Bali has become a big part of my life, my second native country.


Svend Aage Rolf Laursen

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