May 1-7, 2009

May 1-7, 2009

Re: My Compound Life: Western Conveniences Are Not all That Convenient in Bali

Hannah, nice read! I also was like that first, really craving for all the nice amenities of the modern life.

But over time I learned I don’t need to possess all those things. Nowadays, the less I own, the better and less worrisome I feel.

My physical/material possessions I can put in two travel bags and even that’s still too much.

So, feeling you quite a lot; there are more people like us around. Of course, most British or other Europeans will have a hard time understanding, even questioning, our sanity.

One day they will realize – hopefully not only on their deathbed – that they were chasing the dream you and I were living!

All the best for your ventures,

Currently in Goa, India


Re: Editorial: Bali’s Very Deadly Roads

Bravo for this. Bali’s roads could be safer within weeks if the police actually made an effort. A list of 10 rules to be enforced with zero tolerance and the introduction of stop signs and a right-hand rule, as operated in just about every other country on the planet, would make this a much safer place for all to drive. Such a list could be handed out at all intersections for a few weeks before being enforced. The Thai and Malay governments both did similar things some years back with success.

Oh, and the introduction of a driver licensing system, with tests, that doesn’t simply exist to provide ready cash for the police who administer it.

People should be able to drive before getting a license. Right now they simply pay a policeman and head onto the roads. The biggest problem here is that people simply have a) no driving skills and b) without those skills, learnt over years and from watching one’s parents, they are allowed onto the roads all sorts of unsafe vehicles with deadly results.


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