Mangku Wayan, 70, is a religious leader from Legian Kaja

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?
Learn from it and live your life.

What’s most important?
Food is the most important, to maintain your health.

What advice you would give the younger generations?
Be healthy by eating the right food. Don’t take drugs. If you are healthy, peace will come to you.

Are you worried about dying?
Why be afraid? Our life will have no meaning if we are.

When was the happiest time in your life?
For me happiest day is every day.

What’s humanity all about?
Living in peace and harmony with others.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?
Because of people’s arrogance.

Is a peaceful world possible?
Yes, but only if everyone learned to get along and be friendly.

How old do you feel?
I don’t feel my age. I know I’m 70 but I can still hang out with my friends.

Is one lifetime enough?
Yes. I feel blessed.

How has Bali changed?
Bali is still Bali, even though there’s a lot of people coming.

Has tourism been good for Bali?
Yes, because all the world can see the beauty.

What’s the major difference between the East and the West?
The way of thinking and the way of dressing.

Have you ever doubted your religion?
No, never. All that I have is because of my religion.


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