LifeTimes – I Made Kerog

LifeTimes – I Made Kerog

I Made Kerog, 90, still works in the ricefields in Tampak Siring, Gianyar

What’s most important in life?
Being a hard worker and doing your best.

What are the elements of happiness?
To be able to earn a living and be healthy.

What were your dreams as a child?
I wanted to be able to make the best tuak (sweet, coconut-based alcoholic drink), but I didn’t have any coconut trees and there were none around that I could use. To make tuak, you can’t just use ordinary coconuts from the market because you have to cut the coconuts before they flower – otherwise they’re no good for tuak. Eventually, though I worked with other people and made tuak.

What advice would you give the younger generations?
Don’t fight with each other and create enemies.

Are you worried about dying?
Yes, I am.

What do you think will happen to you after you die?
I’ll be reincarnated but before that my spirit will reside in our local temple – the temple of the God Siva – where I will wait for reincarnation and the local community will make offerings of fruit to me.

When was the happiest time in your life?
When I was young and able to make a lot of Tuak – and drink it, too!

And the worst?
When it was hard to make a living because conditions were not so good.

What’s humanity all about?
Living in peace and harmony with other people, especially within our own families.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?
I don’t know what the exact reasons are – maybe it’s because of differences in the way of thinking. Everyone has their own opinion about things, and maybe that’s the reason.

Is a peaceful world an impossible dream?
Yes, it is.

In summary, are you disappointed with your life or happy at what’s happened?
I’m happy enough.

Did you have the opportunities you thought you’d have?
Yes, I think I’ve had.

How much has luck has played in your life?
Not that much, but I have been lucky from time to time.

How old do you feel?
Very old – about 90!

Have you achieved everything you set out to, or are there
still things left to do?
These days there’s nothing left that I want to do.

Is one lifetime enough?
No, it’s not enough. I still want to be with my friends and work with them and have fun. (BT/OS)

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