LifeTimes- Ketut Wangi

LifeTimes- Ketut Wangi

Ketut Wangi
Ketut Wangi, 75, used to toil in the ricefieldsWhat’s the greatest lesson has taught you?
To be passionate about what you believe in.

What’s most important?
Your beliefs, and being true to yourself..

What were your dreams as a child?
Back then I didn’t have much to dream about, so I just let things happen.

What advice would you give the younger generations?
Be honest with those around you, and work hard.

Are you worried about dying?
No, I’m not. Everyone has to go sooner or later.

When was the happiest time of your life?
When my son was born. That was such a joyous time.

And the worst?
When I was very young. It was hard to earn money and survive.

What’s humanity all about?
It should be about caring for each other and respecting people.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?
Because of greed and selfishness.

Is a peaceful world an impossible dream?
Yes, it is. But it wouldn’t be if people forgave each other.

Are you disappointed with your life or happy at what’s happened?
I’m happy. I’m still in good health, and able to take care of my grandchildren.

How old do you feel?
Very old.

How do you regard the aging process?
Well, there’s no point getting all worked up about it because one way or another it’s going to happen to everyone. So just accept it.

Is there anything left to do?
I’d like to go on a trip outside Bali with my family.

Is one lifetime enough?
For this one, yes it is. (BT/PO)

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