Villages in Bali Have Potential to be Tourism Village

Villages in Bali Have Potential to be Tourism Village

The Head of Bali Tourism Depart-ment, Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu said that all villages area on the island have potential to be tourism village, but we should know the readiness of local people.

“All villages in Bali have potential to be developed as tourism village. Now we are heading there but all depend on readiness of local people in the village,” said Subhiksu in Denpasar.

He has to make sure seriousness of local people so they could kindly accept the changes.

He added that he alsoneeds to ensure the benefit gained by local people after their village becomes a tourism village.

“Villagers have to get regular and proper training so they could be involved in managing the tourism village to keep developing,” he said.

According to him to support development of tourism villages we need to improve the human resources.  Don’t claim a region as tourism village but the people movement is not managed.

Tourism village is not something static if we want to attract tourists. Thus, we need to develop human resource and intensive training.

“So far tourism villages in Bali are already good. But we have to consider that in developing a region to be tourism village don’t only promote its nature and culture. People readiness can’t be ignored,” he said.

He explained that government of Bali Province hascarried out workshop and technical training as an effort to improve the quality of human resources in the tourism village.

The training is not only given by the Tourism Department, but it is a collaboration with UMKM sector and Department of Industry and Trade.

“Workshop that we’ve prepared, in a year it is scheduled for three tourism villages in the most potential regency,” said Subhiksu.

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