Democracy in ASEAN Forecast to Rely On Indonesia

Democracy in ASEAN Forecast to Rely On Indonesia


The future of democracy in the ASEAN is forecast to rely on Indonesian leadership, according to Arif Susanto, an observer at the Indonesian Democracy and Development Institute.

“Democracy in the ASEAN is predicted to rely on Indonesia, and therefore, we have to become a real leader to promote our own democratic values,” Arif remarked during a public discussion on “The Future of Democracy in ASEAN” here on Tuesday night.

He emphasized that Indonesia should play its role to develop democratic values of its own such as mutual cooperation and consultation and to align them with the ASEAN Charter.

In the meantime, Centre for Chinese Studies Foundation Chief Rene Pattiradjawane noted that with regard to democracy in the ASEAN, Indonesia’s existence is too important to be ruled out.

“Let the democracy grow in accordance with its nuances. Delivering ideas and opinions is something that should be developed, especially among young people,” he remarked while elaborating on the projection of democracy in ASEAN.

Rene remarked that young people should become more accustomed to expressing their opinions without aggravating the problems existing in the region.

“Especially social media, which provides easy access to the people to voice their opinions on the issues related to democracy,” he added.

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