Indonesia Questions Border Violations by Malaysian Warships

Indonesia Questions Border Violations by Malaysian Warships


The Indonesian government has questioned the border violations carried out by Malaysian warships, which were spotted illegally entering the Indonesian waters of Ambalat, Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated.

“We certainly question the intentions of the Malaysian warships, which had been spotted illegally entering the Indonesian waters of Ambalat. We will protest it,” Kalla stated here on Monday.

The vice president noted that the Indonesian government will settle the problem amicably.

“We will solve the border problems through negotiations,” he emphasized.

Commission III lawmaker Desmond J. Mahesa remarked that the government should deploy the primary weaponry defense system and increase the number of personnel of the military and police in the Nunukan District.

Mahesa argued that the Malaysian warships are entering Indonesian waters of Ambalat to gauge the ability of the security forces.

“Therefore, if we do not increase the primary weaponry defense system, the Malaysian warships will continue to repeat similar actions in the future,” he stated.

Regarding the problems in the border regions, the Commission III will discuss them with the government to seek a solution so that the neighboring countries do not indulge in provocative actions.

Earlier, the government revealed that it will protest against frequent border violations by Malaysia in North Kalimantan.

Coordinating Minister for Political Affairs, Security and Law Tedjo Edhy Purdjianto affirmed that Malaysian warships had often crossed the border into Indonesian maritime territory in the district of Nunukan.

Moreover, Malaysian aircraft have often illegally entered the Indonesian air space, Tedjo said.

He emphasized that he will discuss the matter with Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi to settle the issue with Malaysia through diplomacy.

However, the preliminary step is to intensify monitoring and to tighten border security in sea, on land, and in air by deploying aircraft from the Tarakan military airbase, North Kalimantan, he revealed.

According to information obtained from the Tarakan airbase, Malaysian warships have been spotted illegally entering Indonesian waters of Ambalat in the regency of Nunukan on nine occasions, and they had to be warned before they turned back.

Tedjo stated that the provocative action had prompted the Indonesian government to beef up its sea and air defenses in the border areas.

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