Indonesia, World’s Biggest Clove Producer: ACSA

Indonesia, World’s Biggest Clove Producer: ACSA


Indonesia produces up to 73,000 tons of clove a year making it the world’s biggest producer, ASEAN Clove Spice Association (ACSA) chairman I Ketut Budhyman said.

“The production comes from 331,450 hectares of clove plantations, which is the world’s widest plantation,” he said after the declaration of ACSA here on Wednesday.

He said clove is a very important spice commodity used much in food, cake, medical products, beauty products, sweets and also cigarettes.

“Clove industry in the ASEAN region is centered in Indonesia which is the biggest producer, followed by Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines,” he said.

He said in the future ACSA would build and develop partnership with domestic organizations in the ASEAN member countries such as the Association of Indonesian Clove Farmers and the Consortium of Vietnamese Processors.

“ACSA hopes the partnership could serve as a bridge for the organizations in their relationship with international players such as the World Clove Organization,” he said.

He said ACSA is an association aimed at building unity and cooperation with stakeholders in the clove sector in the framework of increasing welfare and sustainability of clove sector in ASEAN.

ACSA is also expected to be a representative in the ASEAN Secretariat and play an active role in defending the close sector with regard to the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

“We are committed to making ACSA an organization that represents and voices the common interests of clove farmers, traders and clove industry as well as users of clove spice derivative products,” Budhyman said.

The director of spice and refreshment plants of the ministry of agriculture, Azwar Abu Bakar, said Indonesian clove spice has the best quality in the world.

“A lot of derivative products from clove have a lot of use and high economic value,” he said.

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