Jakarta Police’s Cyber Monitoring Exposes International Illegal Gambling Syndicate

Jakarta Police’s Cyber Monitoring Exposes International Illegal Gambling Syndicate


The Jakarta Metro Jaya Police conducted massive cyber patrol operations to bust an international illegal gambling syndicate.

“The criminals are using advanced technology to operate the gambling network. Hence, we conducted cyber patrol to uncover their operations,” Metro Jaya Police Director of General Crime Investigation Senior Commissioner Heru Pranoto stated here on Monday.

Heru explained that the criminals involved in gambling in Indonesia were using servers based in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

During three months of cyber patrolling from June to August 2014, the police had caught 16 suspects who were involved in gambling transactions worth Rp1 billion.

According to Metro Jaya Police spokesperson Senior Commissioner Rikwanto, the police seized several pieces of evidence such as Rp3 billion in cash along with online and conventional gambling devices and also blocked some bank accounts.

Rikwanto stated that with the help of cyber patrolling, the police had succeeded in uncovering black gambling and soccer gambling cases and arrested three suspects who were initially named A, E, and S (a.k.a A) in Pondok Jagung area in South Tangerang District, Banten Province, on June 26, 2014.

On July 2014, the police exposed another black gambling racket and arrested two suspects, initially named MT and VA (a.k.a N), who used to operate in West Jakarta.

Further investigations revealed that MT and VA were known to be working for two big bookies initially named OK who was arrested in Sawah Besar area in Central Jakarta and ILT who was caught in Kapuk Muara Penjaringan area in North Jakarta on August 18, 2014.

The police investigated the case and succeed to arrest four suspects who were known as the super masters of the “Singapore Online” black gambling. They were initially named RW, A, WW (a.k.a WW), and HS.

Earlier, on August 13, 2014, the police uncovered a case of “Tasiau Dice” gambling, which was operated by the husband and wife duo, ER and KT, in Pejagalan Penjaringan area in North Jakarta.

All suspects were sued under Criminal Code Law, Article 303, with a jail term of 10 years and Law Number 8/2010, Article 2, 3 and 5 on money laundering, which carries an imprisonment of 20 years.

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