Minister Hopes No Muslim Organizations Will Conduct Sweeps During Ramadhan

Minister Hopes No Muslim Organizations Will Conduct Sweeps During Ramadhan


Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Lukman Hakim Saifuddin expressed hope that no “sweeps” or raids would be conducted by Islamic community organizations on entertainment venues and nightclubs operating during Ramadhan.

Speaking at the Vice President’s Office here on Wednesday, the minister stated that Islamic organizations can peacefully observe the holy month of Ramadhan without causing any disturbance in public places.

“I believe that Ramadhan this year will be observed peacefully, and no sweeps would be conducted alike last year,” he affirmed.

According to Lukman, the ministry does not have the authority to ban these organizations from conducting such enforcement actions.

However, if sweeps are reported and public order is disrupted, the minister will urge the police to discipline the concerned organization.

“We do not have the authority to forbid organizations that conduct sweeps. Our job is to urge them. Certainly, if they disturb security, the law enforcement officers have the authority to ban their actions,” Lukman emphasized.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian stated that enforcement or raid activities carried out by Islamic organizations during Ramadhan are forbidden.

“Only state officials have the right to raid public places,” Tito emphasized.

Tito affirmed that certain groups are not allowed to act independently and conduct checks on nightclubs.

He vowed to arrest and take legal action against organizations that conduct sweeps on entertainment venues or nightclubs or even cause destruction.

Moreover, he urged the leaders of Islamic community organizations and the society to report to the police if they find any entertainment venue not adhering to the local regulations regarding operating hours.

He also urged the chiefs of sub-precinct and precinct police stations to coordinate with the Civil Service Police Unit to ensure that the nightclubs follow the set regulations.

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