Prosecutor Seeks 20 Years for Militant

Prosecutor Seeks 20 Years for Militant

JAKARTA ~ A 20-year jail sentence was recommended this week for a Muslim militant accused of assisting acts of terrorism.

Prosecutor Farda Nawawi told the Semarang District Court on Wednesday that evidence and testimony showed that defendant Joko Wibowo, alias Abu Sayaf, was guilty of illegal possession of a firearm and of assisting terrorism.

Nawawi said Wibowo had assisted terrorism by lending his gun and 20 bullets to another terror suspect, Subur Sugiarto, an alleged key aide of fugitive terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top.

Sugiarto is being tried separately at the same court.

The revolver and some 30 bullets were found in the defendant’s home when he was arrested in January.

The defendant is an avowed member of the hardline Islamic organization the Indonesian Mujahedin Council led by cleric Abu Bakar Bashir that advocates Islamic Syariah laws.

The court resumes on November 15 to hear the defense plea.

Four other Muslim militants, including Sugiarto, are being tried separately at the same court over charges of assisting others in terrorism, including by hiding and helping Noordin.

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