Twenty-Five Foreigners ‘Detained over Flirting’

Twenty-Five Foreigners ‘Detained over Flirting’

JAKARTA ~ The Immigration Office has detained 25 foreigners, mostly Africans, for disturbing public order, including flirting with teenage girls and married women, local media reports said on Tuesday.

“Most of them have teased teenager girls, disrupted (the harmony of) married couples and taken women to their rented rooms or houses,” immigration official Syaiful Rahman was quoted by local media as saying.

Rahman said that 16 of the group were from Guinea, one was from Sierra Leone and another from Australia. Seven others did not have passports, he said.

“They were arrested following reports from residents in Pasir Ranji, Ciputat, before dawn today (Tuesday,)” Rahman said, referring to a residential area in South Jakarta.

Immigration spokesman Ida Bagus Adnyana was quoted as saying that 14 of the group were football players. Eight played with local teams while the rest claimed to be “freelance” players, he said.

Adnyana said that it was yet unclear what the office intended to do with the group.

Neither of the officials could be reached for comment.

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