Beau Bruderlin, 40, from Sydney, started up In Rhythm, a drumming company that brings people together and connects them through rhythm. Many businesses, he says, are now using drumming as a way of motivating their staff and for team building. Bruderlin shared his day with Carla Albertí de la Rosa.

My day starts at 6:30 and before I start thinking I just want to do something for me. I want to feed my soul and that’s why I go surfing straight away. I surf at Eco Beach, which is two minutes away from my house by bike. I stay for about two hours and then come home and have breakfast. I like to make big smoothies. I blend oats with papaya, yogurt, milk, ice and a bit of honey and make this really big smoothie. I’ll sometimes have porridge instead and maybe a white coffee with one sugar.

I do some meditation after breakfast for five minutes. I sit and think about all the things I desire and I want in my life, in business and in my personal life. So I think about things I want to invite into my life and then they happen naturally. I also check how I’m doing with all my goals.

Around 9 I start working from home. My drumming company, In Rhythm, is all about bringing everyone together. All types of companies will ask us to get everyone drumming for team building, to bring their team together and show them how to communicate. Rhythm is a very powerful way of doing that because if everyone is out of rhythm the team doesn’t work. But music is universal and it can connect anyone, so when everyone is synchronised it’s amazing.

I used to be a stock broker in Australia but one day I had this epiphany and completely got this message to stop, walk out and never come back. So the next day I quit. I just wanted to take some time to think about life and change my direction. I then started hearing rhythm and got obsessed with it. I would even start to make rhythm with windscreen wipers. I was totally seduced by it and when I was 26 decided to go to Africa to live there for the rest of my life and play drums. It was beautifully naïve. I was first in Zanzibar and then went to the west and stayed in Ghana for a long time. I lived in a shack with some rastafaris, grew sunflowers and played the drums.

I eventually went back to Australia because my dad was sick. So I started a community African drumming course in Bondi, Sydney, and it grew organically and since then it’s grown into corporate.

So if I’m not out organising an event I’ll sit home and reply to emails and send off information. We also organise events like weddings, birthday parties, inaugurations, an annual meeting or an activity for hotel guests. I might go to the location to organise everything. In Rhythm is based in Australia but we also work here in Indonesia. Companies ask us to motivate people because it really inspires them and makes them feel great. So we have businesses in finance, fashion, banks, media or cars contacting us.

At noon I go out for lunch. I like to have some pasta, salad and sometimes eat Indonesian food like nasi goreng, but mainly rice, fish and vegetables. I read a book after lunch. I read a lot of personal development books. I like Jerry and Esther Hicks. The core of all that is the law of attraction: Whatever you think of will come to you. It’s so true for me.

I might have to go for a meeting or an event in the evening but I always try to do a Skype call at 4 with my little four-year-old daughter who is in Sydney.
I try to be really creative and entertain her. We chat for half an hour and then I sometimes go surfing at 4:30 for the sunset. I then go out for dinner.

When I have time I love going to Ubud to make music. There are four In Rhythm drummers there and we get together and play.

I like to spend time with my girlfriend in the evening. I cuddle her and think I’m so lucky to have her before I pass out in bed at 11.

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