Name : Made Ari Putrawan

Age : 27

Occupation : Sales supervisor

From : Jembrana, East Bali

Marital Status : Single

What progress has the country made since it became newly democratic eight years ago?

Not much, I think. It’s just given freedom to the people to voice their opinions and criticize the government.

Has democracy generally been a positive force for Indonesia?

Well, it’s supposed to be, and in general, yes, I see it as being a positive force.

How’s the country doing right now?

There are a lot of problems to overcome, like terrorism, ethnic clashes, getting rid of corruptors and reforming the education system.

Is Indonesia a confident member of the international community and what can it bring to the global stage?

Under Suharto, it was, but these days I don’t think it holds much sway abroad.

Should the country be taking a more proactive stance regionally – say, in the case of Myanmar’s detained democracy leader or North Korea?

I’m sure we should. If we want other countries to respect us, we need to be more proactive.

Name three things that if done would change the country overnight into a more attractive place.

Overhaul bureaucracy, improve public transportation and widen the streets.

What’s the biggest global threat that you see emerging, and what can be done about it?

The biggest global threat I see right now is the war between the US, in the name of its “war on terrorism,” and Muslim countries. There can be no benefit to this; the only result is pain and misery. (BT/IP)

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