March 28, 2020

Foreigner Chained after Insisting He Isn’t Breaking Rule for Jogging During Nyepi

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, most people spent the Balinese Day of Silence or Nyepi on Wednesday – Read More...
March 26, 2020

Bali’s ‘Day of Silence’ Hit by Virus Fears

Bali’s “Day of Silence” was even quieter than usual this year as coronavirus fears prompted authorities to scale back an – Read More...
March 24, 2020

No ‘Ogoh-Ogoh’ Parades, Large Crowds During Nyepi This Year

The COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia has undeniably impacted how religious communities observe their traditions. On Wednesday, Balinese Hindus will observe – Read More...
March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Everything is going to be Alright….

The good news is that China reports no significant numbers of new cases of Covid-19. There are only 39 new – Read More...
March 23, 2020

Bali urges tourist Destinations to Suspend Operations To Curb COVID-19 Spread

Bali’s provincial administration is urging tourist destinations on the resort island to suspend their operations over the COVID-19 outbreak in – Read More...
March 22, 2020

A Story about overcoming self-isolation, fear and panic during Covid-19

Years ago I had a friend named Nicky, a good looking guy, who ran a successful hedge fund in New – Read More...
March 21, 2020


March 21, 2020 Total Coronavirus Cases:   286,402 Total Deaths:  11,885 Recovered:  93,586 THESE NUMBERS ARE TINY COMPARED THE MILLIONS DYING FROM – Read More...
March 21, 2020

‘Bali will die’: Fears for future in Indonesia’s tourism hotspot

Jakarta, Indonesia – Indonesia will suspend its visa-on-arrival policy for a month from Friday to curb the spread of the deadly – Read More...
March 20, 2020

Hotel Staff in Bali Reportedly Subject to Half-Month Shifts Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has posed a major challenge for the tourism sector, with hotels in Bali now reportedly imposing – Read More...
March 20, 2020

Turn the Covid-19 crisis into Gold, self-isolation to inner peace.

Turn a crisis into gold, self-isolation to inner peace. How to meditate and why mindfulness can be your spiritual guidance. – Read More...
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