Bali – From Bad to Good

Bali – From Bad to Good

I wouldn’t lie if I say I was a bit nervous, doubtful and paranoid when my company told us that I have been selected to work in Bali to look for a new site for our company’s office and a guest house. I won’t go into much detail about my job but let’s say my opinion in such cases matters. So back to being paranoid & nervous about visiting Bali for a long duration, I have travelled a lot of countries for business and pleasure however reputation always mattered to before going anywhere and Bali in the recent years have gained a notorious reputation.

I wasn’t given an option so I left for Bali with a heavy heart and yes it began as soon as I landed on the airport. The customs were not cooperative at all, I had to wait for around 90 minutes to get my luggage. It took us 2 hours to reach my destination because of the extremely bad traffic and the people constantly bothering during the jam forcing to buy things from them.

However it all changed during my stay over there, yes Bali has its flaws like any other country. It is poorly managed and government is to be blamed for not taking necessary measures. But the tourism, the beauty, the night life and the local Balinese people it’s one a kind. I actually started loving this place I mean there is a beauty of its own in it. Even though people here lack talent & professionalism there is a growing trend of foreigners moving here for their own business and its only because the local Balinese people are welcoming.

I tried a lot of local realtors to help me find the sites for my company’s projects but unfortunately they couldn’t understand my requirements and because of that my stay there went longer than expected however I do not regret that in fact I loved it as I enjoyed more and more Bali and I finally ran into Kibarer Property during one of exploration trip. They were professionals and diversified with local and foreigner staff which is great. They helped me closing the deal in less than a month what others couldn’t even do it in 3 months. So I kind of dislike them as well for shortening my stay in Bali because of their efficiency.
Just kidding.

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