Bali has always been on my Bucket List for a Long Time

Bali has always been on my Bucket List for a Long Time

Bali has always been on my bucket list for a long time. My reason may surprise you but let me give it to you, I first saw some of Bali in eat pray love where Julia Roberts went for self exploration. It got me curious so we first went there in 2011, every body kind of loved it as it had everything. But I on the other hand was more fascinated by the local culture, the development of villas which were taking place at that time and the fusion it was offering.

So we came back and it was like everybody moved on but I kind of got stuck to it. So next year I decided to visit it again but alone this time as I wanted to explore. So as soon as I landed, I was kind of surprised to see how much it has changed in one year. There was like a warm of villas in Bali all of a sudden, new developments and it was like everybody was investing in Bali. I moved further explored the southern, norther and central bays and I fell more in love with it.

2013 came and I decided to give it a shot again as I got promoted twice between and wanted to celebrate. Took my girlfriend along at first she didn’t like the idea of staying out of the party zones however as soon as she saw the villa in Bali that we got booked. She was drooling at every single place. Bali was changed more, more and more investment was being promoted in the real estate of Bali.

Eventually I took interest, I started exploring since I figured out that I am not going to stop visiting every year. My research on that trip took me to Kibarer Property through their website I wasn’t expecting much but I got more than I was hoping for. It is owned by a french guy with an extremely diversified team of professional from almost every part of the world. There was no language bareer and most of all they were very open to communication and explained the details throughly of how buying a property in Bali works.

So 2014 came and this time I was coming down to see the properties I short listed with Kibarer’s Team. Took us two weeks to finalize the property I wanted and then it took less than 2 months to buy it. Now this is 2015 and I am sitting in my garden surrounded by firangipani trees and an extremely beautiful view finishing this article. What about you? Where are you and where do you decide to go from here?

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