Bali – My Home My Heaven

Bali – My Home My Heaven

We all have priorities in life, some people like to live lavishly, some people like to travel and some like to just keep things easy & simple. I am a very simple man but I always had a dream since childhood to save enough money so I can just simply buy a mansion in an isolated Island and spend the rest of my days chilling. However ofcourse owning a mansion isn’t easy that too on an island but since I started working, the world has been kind to me and I didn’t give up on the saving part but I didn’t think I would be able to fulfill my dream that early.

This was revealed to my when I visited Bali last year on an official get away trip sponsored by my company. I just simply loved this place specially the areas of Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur and Kerobokan. However I never had a mindset of actually buying a villa in Bali at that point of time. It all changed when we all colleagues were having drinks in the bar and our Boss suddenly shifted the topic to how remarkably the economy in Bali is booming, how investment in Bali is being considered as a safe option for the next decade and how people have already started buying villas in Bali and turned them into rental resorts which has good rental returns as well.

The figures he quoeted were surprisingly within my budget and my childhood wish started tingling. So the very next day I excused my colleagues and went on a walk, we were staying in Petitenget and I was lucky enough to see the board of because my purpose was just to inquire and explore the possible options and honestly I didn’t have expectations with regards to the staff they might have.

Consider me wooed with the amazing professional and helping staff they had, plus the extremely big database of villas available on the website simply left me with no choice but to take interest, explore options within my budget and on top of that they had all the legal help available in the same office to explain me the nit bits.

So well here I am just coming back from my perfect beachfront heaven in Bali. Now I don’t have to save money for another 10 years to buy a mansion, this is my mansion which will also be generating enough revenue for me to buy another villa in Bali or for some other purpose. So how old are you gonna be when you will have your mansion?

Written by : Christina

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