Bali – My New Home

Bali – My New Home

Living in an urban jungle for all of your life makes you incapcitated. Some people get so used to of it that they actually hate taking vacations which involve going out of their urban jungle. I on the other hand always wanted to be set free of it. So since college I started saving to get my own vacation home in an exotic island and it doesn’t matter if I doesn’t own a home in the urban Jungle.

So what better place then Bali? It gives you the perfect room to explore, live close to nature, tourists, beaches and on top of all revenue returns. Yes I bought a house in Bali. It was a tough call since it is now becoming a little polluted by the tourists but still a lot of it is in its original habitat. New developments of villas in Bali have attracted a lot of investors from all around the world to invest in Bali and that include some of us as well.

I was recommended to buy a villa in Bali by a friend who later on introduced me to so I can clear my doubts if I have any. It was indeed a very helpeful thing because the staff they have is very professional. They explained the process in details, understood my requirements, told me how things work if I want to rent out the villa for the times I am not here and other general stuff.

So to sum it up, it was an offer which I couldn’t refuse because it wasn’t that expensive and plus I was getting good returns while I was not living there. So I now can show off in front of my friends that I own a beachfront villa in Bali what do you got :P?.

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