Bali – My New Journey

Bali – My New Journey

We all have been through that phase of life where we realize that we haven’t done anything for ourselves for a long long time. What we have been doing is either for our career, family or friends and somewhere in doing that we have lost what we actually were. So this was a phase of mine for a long time where I didn’t realize that in my routine run I wasn’t even paying attention to what I really feel anymore.

So last year I realized that I really need to be doing what makes me happy even for just a while and then I can go back to doing what I want to do. So I decided to go back to the craze of my younger self which was hiking, surfing and ofourse swimming in the open waves and being on the budget I wanted to go some place where I can find this alltogether. So yes there is a reason Bali is called the Islands of Gods because it has everything to offer.

So planned the perfect vacation, was recommended to contact Kibarer Property in Bali as they have the most professional staff and really understand your requirement. It was indeed as they were described, they are one of the largest real estate company in Bali even though at that point of time they were not dealing in to the rentals but they still helped me out in finding the best villa in Bali which was close to all the activities I wanted to have have fun with at very reasonable price.

I lived every moment in Bali to the fullest, I event went villa hunting in Bali as there are a lot of villa development in Bali and it’s a great investment opportunity to buy the villa in Bali these days and ofcourse I was escorted by and they explained me in detail how investment in Bali can generate good returns. So I am thinking of buying myself a small vacation real estate in Bali which will serve my purpose for both generating revenue and enjoying the perfect time off in Bali.

Written by : Christina

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