Bali – My new love

Bali – My new love

I am not that kind of a person who gets impressed easily by anyone, anything or any place. However I must say that Bali is the only place which didn’t take long enough to make me fall in love with it. Now you must be wondering that I am exxegarating as it is just another place. Well trust me it is not. I will tell you why just bear with me for a little longer.

Unlike other people I am not much fond of vacations, Infact I dread taking a day off from the work probably because of two reasons 1 being my own boss and second is definitely because I am not normal. However upon being forced a lot by my friends, I took a vacation with my friends in Bali back in 2013, I wasn’t very enthusiastic as I am not that fond of nature, culture and I prefer luxurious city life more.

However as soon as I landed in Bali, almost everything caught my eyes. It was like nature, beauty and modern life were running a marathon parallel. A lot of developments of villas in Bali, big hotel chains, shopping malls, night life, culture and what not. It was like somebody was reshapping new york in to some exotic vacation Island. Beautiful beaches, curteous people, new experiences, beautiful tourists and more than that a lot of investment in Bali was being observed.

So being the workaholic I am, I started enjoying my vacation in a different manner. I started exploring and researching on the possible business ventures in Bali. So what I came across was that the safest bet was to buy a villa or a property in Bali. So my research led me to Kibarer Property through their website I enjoyed my detailed discussion with them, they knew what they were doing and selling and eventually I was convinced that it is safe to make an investment in Bali.

So came back in 2014, looked for villas, visited them and finally bought a beautiful house in Ubud area of Bali. Now it has exactly been an year that I have been to Bali twice and for the rest of the year I have enjoyed a great ROI. You all must give it a shot, if you love life and money at the same time ;).

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  1. Desmond says:

    Please stop sending me this nonsense. The same person writes new stories about the same Real Estate Agent? How many times has “she” visited Bali?
    There are better ways of advertising than these lies. I am now going to unsubscribe from The Bali Times.