Bali – The Home Away From Home

Bali – The Home Away From Home

I was 18 when I first visited Bali and it was a long time back. It wasn’t the Bali as you know of now. There were no villa developments, there were not many fancy 5 star hotels here or the shopping malls as you see now in Bali. But it was pure love and over the year it is still the same. I fell in love with Bali the first time I visited and I am still in love with it. Yes it has become crowded, lost a little bit of it’s originality but you don’t start hating someone just because they grow old.

So coming back to my story, I never stopped visiting Bali after that. It was like every year or every second year I would take sometime out whether it is just a weekend and would visit Bali. Sometimes just to lay on a lounger all day and stare at deep blue indian ocean. This didn’t change even after I got married, infact my wife learned to love Bali as well. We saw how it grew in front of us, how people started buying villas in Bali, started investing in Bali in hotels, resorts or shopping malls. It literally was like our child who grew up in front of us.

So one day my wife asks me how much money do I have saved since we always believed in keeping space in such cases. So I ask her why, she said I have this much money with me and if you have enough we can easily buy a villa in Bali and save our self a lot of money and may be even earn from that. I liked the idea so we shared and started exploring different sites. And then we came across of Kibarer Property. Liked the way they setup their website, their immediate response and how they extremely professional they were.

We sent them some villas which matched our requirements and asked them to setup our visits upon our arrival and also show us some of the villas which match the similar requirements. We thought it would be a little tricky and tiring but Kibarer Property made it easy since they had a legal team and notary so the only challenge was finding the villa in Bali which we finally have found and rest was a piece of cake since they took care of all the legal requirements so we highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a villa in Bali.

And we are very excited to move in to our new retirement home and looking forward to meeting new people.




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