Bali – The Old & The New

Bali – The Old & The New

What do you find when you search Bali on the Google? A beautiful picture of temples and disclaimers of it being an Island of Gods. A serene place with thousands of temples? Crystal clear water and white sandy beaches? Well true to some extent but only true about the old Bali. New Bali is totally different from what your perception might be.

There are a lot of recent developments that has changed both demographical and cultural environment of Bali over the recent years. Due to the increased tourism from all around the world and immigration from the neighboring islands like Java, it is overcrowded and not so peaceful since it doesn’t entirely belong to the peaceful Balinese community anymore.

Your bad experiences may start as soon as you land in Bali by losing your luggage at the airport, or getting stick in traffic jams, cab services charging you way over the actual price, snatchers on the road looking for your purses, luggage, jewelry mobile phones and what not. Loss of personal belongings in the hotel rooms. Hygiene issues when it comes to room service. I could probably go on & on but the main issue is most of these crimes are not committed by the local Balinese people but the immigrants who have moved here from the other Indonesian territories.

But all this still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit Bali; the original Balinese community is still very welcoming and helping. So if you are planning to visit I would highly recommend you to either rent a villa in Bali, or buy your own property or real estate in Bali. You can also opt to make an investment in Bali as the return revenue is great. As villas are mostly managed by the local Balinese staff and they do not get involved in petty stuff like that. I have heard that Kibarer Property has a very good reputation of assisting you with your villa hunt or getting you the perfect investment property in Bali in less than 60 days with very good work ethics and helping approach.

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