Bali – We all Need a Little Break

Bali – We all Need a Little Break

We all need a little break, a little vacation and a little me time. So did I, me, myself and my better half my wife. We were so busy in making our career, home and a better life for us since last few years that taking a vacation never even crossed our minds. So it came as an idea on a late night discussion since that is only time we get to ourselves that we need a vacation and we need to take it tomorrow. So since we run our small setups we informed our employees that we are off so they should take care of the business behind our back and we planned our vacation.

It had to be as impulsive as our decision so we search best vacation spot and Bali popped up. So it wasn’t hard to make the travel arrangements but we were going there without any reservations which could become a challenge for us but we didn’t care and just bought the tickets.

So late at night I was browsing the internet for random research and I landed on a website owned by Kibarer Property in Bali. So I randomly sent them a query that if they rent the villas as well, I wasn’t expecting an immediate response but to my surprise I got the answer within 20 minutes. They were very helpful in arranging a very good vacation villa in Bali for us. Picked us from the airport as well. Made other trip arrangements as well.

What I noticed was that there was a massive investment in Bali in every aspect. Whether it be restaurants, clubs or property in Bali. So I randomly discussed about the investment options in Bali with Kibarer Property’s agent. He explained me in detail and it got us interested. He was kind enough to show us some properties in Bali which they recently sold and their return. So we are going back tomorrow but we are definitely thinking of coming back to give buying a villa in Bali a shot.

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