Big Fat Bali

Big Fat Bali

With great vacation spots come great opportunities. Even though I was never a fan of investing in vacation spots, always felt that it’s like a gamble in which either you are a one time winner and then you go back on a losing streak. However there are times when you are just simply being ignorant until someone comes down to your level and explain things to you in a way that you follow.

Same thing happened with me on my recent venture in Bali, it was the usual beach side bar experience on a busy weekend where you would listen to people chit chatting about a lot of topics and investment in Bali is one of the most common topic you will hear from tourists. So I was listening to a similar discussion between a french guy and an Australian couple. The way he was explaining about the current developments in Bali, Rental Villas in Bali on a run with average ROI reaching up to 10-15% in the first year got me interested.

So afer he got free with the couple i started talking to Alban, the french guy turned out to be the owner of one of the largest villa hub in Bali. The guy was extremely knowledgable and I am saying it because I have had discussions with realtors in the past but they were unable to explain me the processes, rules & regulations and the benefits in a lay mans language.

So to cut story short we had a long discussion, he invited me to his office of Kibarer Property which is located in one of the most expensive area of Bali known as Petitenget. The staff was really professional, nice and diversified with different nationalities. They had a notary and lawyer present in the office which is trust me a big relieft for those who are looking to invest in Bali. They showed us their website which as compared to other websites is well versed, simple, easy options and with the largest database in Bali. So if you are looking to invest in Bali or thinking of buying a Villa in Bali I highly recommend that you visit website or visit them personally in Petitenget as I will be visiting them next month as I have found a great reason in a small beautiful villa in Bali to invest in.

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