Farewell to the Island of Gods

Farewell to the Island of Gods

All good things must come to an end so does my decade over stay in Bali. I moved here back in 2004 on an official assignment. Initially the assignment was of 10 months just to setup the basic infrastructure for office of my company over here. However I fell in love with this place so much that when I was given an option to work here I didn’t even think twice and accepted the offer.

Over the years I have seen Bali grow like a little child, it was peaceful quiet and clean when I moved here. I loved every bit of it. It’s not a very big Island; you can easily drive around the island in just one day.

I was initially staying at a villa provided by office for first two years, the staff was local Balinese people. Beautiful and wonderful people you will simply love their simplicity and courtesy. Then after consulting with my fiancé who is now my wife we decided to buy our own villa in here. It was a tough call and procedure and took us a while. Finally after meeting many brokers & agents we met Dewi who works at a local real estate company Kibarer Property. They had the largest villa database as compared to anyone else and found us the perfect villa in bali meeting our all requirements.

It’s not easy for us to leave Bali but it has changed over the years as the tourism is growing. Bali is getting uglier, dirtier and losing the charm of its originality. The original Balinese people are trying their best to keep it to its root but a lot of people from the close provinces like java are moving here and they are probably the worst kind. They are looting the foreigners, tourists and making it difficult for them to enjoy a peaceful time by following them around everywhere. Government is not doing much about keeping Bali preserved either, there are no local transports and the private transport is a mafia itself. Hygiene issues are increasing day by day without any proper healthcare system. It’s not the Bali I moved to and definitely not the Bali I want to live in.

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