Kuta – The Dark Side of Bali

Kuta – The Dark Side of Bali

Being an Australian I was highly recommend by my colleagues and friends to visit Bali at least once in my life. Actually I was being forced over the years to visit like it was some kind ritual I had to perform to prove my Australian nationality. I have been to Europe, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Nepal as I love to explore different cultures and it doesn’t always have to be an Island or a beach resort.

So being forced by a good friend of mine who himself has visited Bali only twice in last decade, still he loved it so much that he bought a real estate in Bali’s most happening area as per him called Kuta. So I took time out and planned my vacation. My friend was nice enough to make arrangement for us in his villa. So I will sum up my experience about Kuta very shortly in the next paragraph.

As soon as I landed in Bali and reached Kuta, I didn’t see anything that I was expecting. Literally no local Balinese people. It was like a mini Australia as I could only see Australians over there and some Japanese. The Balinese people I met in Australia were the nicest people but here they were like literally money mooching machines who forgot how to be Balinese at all. Beaches? Don’t even start me on that. They were like black beaches, yes dirty sand litter everywhere and no concept of keeping a clean environment. Surfing was the only thing which kept me there for two days and then I left and explored the rest of Bali.

Kuta doesn’t define Bali, but Kuta is like the dark side of Bali. I visited Seminyak which is one of the most fashionable area but still very beautiful. Umalas, Ubud, Echo Beach, Tanah Lot are still the places which have preserved their original culture. I met some great people over there as it wasn’t just Australians over there. A lot of foreigners from all around the globe reside there however before ending my story I would also like to confess that like all other Australians me and my girlfriend are thinking of buying a property in Bali. We are in touch with Alban who we met at Echo Beach. A great guy and runs his own real estate company called Kibarer Property in Bali. So don’t judge me and wish me good luck.

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