Life of a Foreigner in Bali

Life of a Foreigner in Bali

Bali being the Island of Gods has caught the attraction because of its beauty and culture. Government is constantly taking precautions to ensure safety for tourists. It’s been five years that I have moved here as well with my wife. Being a seasoned foreigner citizen I felt obligated to share my thoughts on how it is to live here for a foreigner.

There are good sides and bad sides like every other place so we will start from the good side. Since most of the people moving here are from the colder part of the world where people thrive for sunny days and beaches, so it’s a plus side as it is usually hot sunny weather with a variety of beautiful tropical beaches. You will find the one of the best surfing beaches. The actual local Balinese people are very friendly & helpful and you will simply love them along with their peaceful and mystical culture. The food is really great with a variety of traditional Balinese & seafood.

The bad sides start from food items not being cheap in supermarkets. You won’t find any public transport so you are dependent on taxis, scooter or pool car services. Living by the famous beaches is a distraction if you also want to work from home. The traffic is like really bad. Healthcare options are very minimum and not good at all. Due to the recent increased tourism a lot of people have moved in from the nearest provinces and they keep bugging you by trying to sell you things. The tourists are not young people they are mostly middle aged or old people.

However over all it is a nice & cheaper place to live as compared to Europe or Australia. You have a lot of opportunities of finding work with local & multinational companies as they lack in local talent. You also have a great opportunity of generating revenue by buying a villa in Bali. The real estate in Bali is very affordable. You can easily own your own property with the help of a reliable real estate company. If you are looking to invest in Bali then I highly recommend Kibarer Property, I bought my villa through them and they are really helping and wonderful people.

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  1. Christina..You are wrong in saying that one won’t find any public transport in Bali…you haven’t done your homework…I have visited Bali a few times and in the past two years Trans Sarbagita was launched..I use it all the time when I visit..going to Sanur, Kuta,etc..and it’s only Rp. 3.500 on each trip…Its a great public service..Cheers and Terima kasih. John