My Bali Exploration

My Bali Exploration

Earlier this year it was one of those times for me in my life where I was actually fed up of everything as you can imagine someone with almost no social life, constant work and no vacations in the past 5 years. So I decided to leave everything and take a vacation but for the main problem was where to go. No matter how adventurous I tend to be I always need to stay in my comfort zone. So after doing an extensive research I finally decided to pack my bags for Bali.

Now that the location was decided my main concern was to find the perfect accomodation as it wasn’t a week’s vacation I wanted to stay at some place quiet for at least a month and then decide whether to go back or not. So my research lead me to the conclusion that it is better to rent out a private villa in Bali rather than to stay at a hotel. So I ran into, who basically are a real estate company mainly dealing in the sale and purchase of real estate in Bali especially villa property in Bali but I just sent them a random query and they were kind enough to help me out in renting the perfect Villa in Bali.

The reason I am mentioning them is that it was a surprise for me to see such level of professionalism in such a remote tourist area. They arranged a perfect villa with an ideal staff in an isolated area of Bali. They also guided me with what places to explore as per my interests and the staff of the villa they arranged helped a lot in making proper arrangements. I had fun exploring the mountains, river rafting, snorkling and surfing in the proper areas where the tourism hasn’t reach properly and it is still in its natural habitat. So if you are looking either to visit Bali and buy yourself a perfect property I highly recommend them and you can also contact them to arrange to arrange a perfect vacation rental villa in Bali

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