My Bali Mischief

My Bali Mischief

Every year is a new story for me and my family where to go for the vacations and every year it is more like a world war 3 in our house. This year was no different to us, multiple location, endless arguments and no conclusions. So we managed to write down the name of our favorite destinations and decided to do a lucky draw. So well here we are with the Bali written on the paper that was picked and apparently my youngest son won that draw.

So now it was all up to me to find the perfect resort or a villa in Bali which will let us enjoy our vactions in Bali without any unpleasant experience. So I decided to look up online for the sites offerings villas in Bali or rental properties in bali. To my surprise most of them were already booked and I was afraid that it’s going to be another never ending fight. Luckily i found a page while browsing Facebook called villa Monthly Rent Bali.They had some really great deals available for very pretty villas in Bali.

So I decided to contact them and viola what an immediate response I got from them, It turns out that they work with one of the largest real estate company in Bali called The staff was very helping and professional even though they were overbooked but they tried their best and arranged a villa in Bali that met our requirements and booked for us. I highly recommend to all of the people who are looking to have the perfect vacation in Bali to contact them as they totally understand what your need is and do not try to play you around like other agencies. I am going to Bali are you :D?.

Written by : Christina

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