My Dream Vacation Villa in Bali

My Dream Vacation Villa in Bali

The first time I ever visited Bali was in 2004 and it was probably in it’s best authentic Balinese tradition then. Since then I fell in love with this place and took an oath to myself that one day I will own a villa on this Island of Gods which I will use for personal get away vacations. Trust me I have worked so hard for a decade just to fulfill my dream.

However call it a bad luck, as over the years I have been observing the massive development projects in Bali. I have seen Seminyak develop in to the most fashionable area of Bali with the top of the line private villas in Bali from just empty serene sand beaches. So talking about my bad luck I was anxious and excited since last year as I had projected to complete the goal by the mid of 2015. I wanted to use it for personal and investment purpose however I recently got to know that there is a ban imposed on the alcohol in Bali.

So there goes my dream villa investment in Bali however I am currently in Bali, exploring villas and coordinating with whom I found online. I am looking for the possibilities of buying the perfect villa in Bali which can be used as a perfect investment return in the areas which doesn’t get much effect from this alcohol ban. Kibarer property has been very helpful throughout with their professionalism and in house lawyer/notary services.

So wish me good luck as I am currently looking at the villas in seminyak , canggu and Nusa dua area. Hopefully by the end of june I will be a proud owner of one of the best villas in Bali. And keeping my fingers cross for Indonesian government to reconsider their ban on alcohol as it is a tourist place and people come here to relax and taking away the booze will affect their tourism badly.

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